Everything She Wants (feat. Twin Shadow) Is Out Now!

Everything She Wants (feat. Twin Shadow) Is Out Now!

Stu Brooks Announces Debut Studio Album ’40HZ’

New Single “Everything She Wants” (ft. Twin Shadow) available here now!

Multi-Grammy-nominated bassist, producer, and songwriter STU BROOKS is proud to announce his debut solo album! The Toronto native, known as the co-founder of Brooklyn dub/rock crossover outfit Dub Trio, current touring bassist for Dominic Fike and Danny Elfman, and a seasoned studio collaborator for a venerable trove of mega-stars (from the aforementioned Fike & Elfman, to Matisyahu [Akeda], 50 Cent [Get Rich or Die Tryin’] and Tony Yayo [Thoughts of a Predicate Felon]), has released a new single today. The new track, “Everything She Wants”, features guest vocals from Twin Shadow. The completion of a musical anthology that yielded his 40hz EP at the end of last year, Stu Brooks will release his first full-length, ‘40HZ’ (LP), on September 21, 2023.

Commenting on his collaboration with Twin Shadow on the new single, Stu says: “I’ve been a huge fan of George’s and Twin Shadow starting when he released ‘Forget’ in 2009 and he has been a source of musical inspiration ever since. Dave Holmes from Dub Trio and I started to write ESW in 2016 and 6 years later I finally sent it to George after poking at it for all that time. It was a thrill to hear that he was down to work on this with me, considering his busy scoring schedule, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. We got together to finish the track as co-producers and we went all the way with it.

Twin Shadow adds: “I've known Stu for many years, we have always been good friends but busy friends. I love that collaborating on this track put us in each other's presence more often. Stu like me is a fellow chameleon, he pops up where you least expect and can do anything. I want to highlight the other writers as well: Sophie Hintz and VAYK, who are also some of my favorite collaborators. This was a fun one.

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