Stu Partners with Danny Elfman + Poppy on New Single

Stu Partners with Danny Elfman + Poppy on New Single

STU BROOKS has released another new single from his upcoming debut LP, ‘40HZ’. The Grammy-nominated bassist and Dub Trio co-founder continues to roll out an eclectic blend of songs (and collaborators) on his first solo project, this time partnering with familiar colleague and legendary composer in Danny Elfman, as well as genre-bending singer Poppy, on the track “They’ll Just Love You”. Brooks and Elfman are far from strangers to one another – on the contrary, Stu served as bassist and executive producer on much of Danny’s ‘Bigger. Messier.’ remix album (in addition to playing bass on the record’s precursor, ‘Big Mess’), which saw him producing on tracks featuring the likes of Trent Reznor (on “True” + “Native Intelligence”) and Iggy Pop (on “Kick Me”).

A stark contrast from the ethereal pop-gaze of the last single (Everything She Wants), “They’ll Just Love You” continues to explore the dark industrial soundscapes that Brooks and Elfman indulged in on the latter’s ‘Big Mess’ (and subsequent ‘Bigger. Messier.’) LP. The new song is complimented by a horror-steeped music video, which was directed and produced by Dark Details Films.

Commenting on “They’ll Just Love You” and the cast of collaborators involved, Stu shares:

“Something about Danny and I just clicked when we first met, musically and personally. Now that it’s been a few years of collaborating both live and on his albums Big Mess and Bigger Messier, it feels full circle to have this new song together.  Since this is his first feature ever on a record, it’s an honour to collaborate with him on this.

He goes on to add, “When creating this song, I applied the same M.O. as I did with bigger messier, which is a collection of carefully curated collaborations. Poppy is such an incredible and unique artist that I knew she would be a perfect fit to duet with Danny. She went beyond my expectations. It was so fun to get in a room with her and composer Simon Wilcox and Matt Cronk, who are incredible artists in their own right.”

Danny Elfman comments on the new song (and his first-ever feature on a track), saying, "I am so proud of Stu. He’s really upped his game. I was happy to contribute my voice for ‘They’ll Just Love You’. It’s such a great new sonic arena for Stu to play in and obviously he’s flourishing there."

A seasoned studio bassist for some of the biggest names in music over course of his career, Stu Brooks will be busy on the road this summer. In addition to a limited run of shows in Southern California as part of Danny Elfman’s live band, Brooks will also continue in his role as bassist for Dominic Fike on the singer’s “Don’t Stare At The Sun” tour.

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